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Double Steady Wild Honey

Speed 12 / Glide 5 / Turn -2 / Fade 2
Double Steady Wild Honey Weiss/Orange 172g
Weiss/Orange 172g
Lager 1 Artikel an Lager
CHF 34.90
Double Steady Wild Honey Rot/Blau 174g
Rot/Blau 174g
Lager 1 Artikel an Lager
CHF 34.90


Wild Honey is an understable distance driver. Design principle behind the mold was to make it a very accessible distance driver for players with slower arm speed. With this disc you can get a beautiful long s-curving flight path without much effort. Pop it on a small hyzer and watch it glide for days!

DOUBLE STEADY  is Clash Discs' version of overmold technology. Double Steady discs are crafted from two components, providing each mold with it's own unique appearance. The inside flight plate and the outside can have two entirely different appearances, are can have pretty unique combinations.

You can feel a slight seam where the two distinct plastics meet, like a thin foil stamp.