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G5 Splinter

Speed 3 / Glide 2 / Turn 0 / Fade 3.5
G5 Splinter Orange 173g
Orange 173g
Quantité en stock 1 article/-s en stock
CHF 16.90
G5 Splinter Orange 174g
Orange 174g
Quantité en stock 2 article/-s en stock
CHF 16.90


Splinter is a great flat top putter intended for all skill levels. It is very overstable, does not flip over even when thrown very hard, and has a predictable and reliable fade. You want to use it for driving, as well as for approaching and putting.

The bottom part of the rim is rounded comfortably to help you to release the disc every time with the same accuracy. If you are a beginner and want to start with just one disc, select Splinter. For more advanced players it will be a great reliable disc for driving and approaching also in windy conditions.

Splinter is available in high-end G5 plastic. G-type plastic is a super grippy special blend that will hug and hold on to the chains. It will allow you to use a bit softer touch on the disc improving your release when putting. It works awesomely also in wet conditions. Splinter G5 is used best on short to mid-distance putting and on tricky approaches.

G5’s 2nd run version is puddle top and weighs 165-168 grams. Despite its lower weight, it’s even more overstable than the 1st run G5. Available colours are pink, white, orange, purple and light blue.